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Family Things to Do In L.A. - Grab A Kid and Go

If you have your own little ones, a niece or nephew or just want to be a big brother or sister to a half-pint here are a few family things to do in L.A.. Build a memory or two that will last a lifetime making you hero for a day. Play hooky from work, pull ‘em out of school and show them how to party kid style with all the trimmings. It just might the best thing you’ve done in a while besides desk jockeying, couch surfing, trolling the bars or pretending to go to the gym. 

California Science Center

Blow their minds with a visit to this hands-on, education-turns-fun extravaganza. The California Science Center (700 Exposition Park Drive Los Angeles (323) 724-3623) offers free admission for standard exhibits and various fees for the more popular attractions like touring the Space Shuttle Endeavor. This enormous machine is actually a California built ship overseen by the Rocketdyne Operations Support Center (ROSC) which the Science Center describes “monitored every space shuttle launch, from the first to the last, from right here in Southern California.” Kids will especially love the “space potty” with it's high tech waste collection capability; The Galley, serving treats to on board astronaut visitors; and the giant tires that still show the original wear and tear of each mission. Other exhibits include exotic animals, ecosystem displays and ‘Creative World’ which explores inventions in communication, transportation and more.

City Year Spring Break 2014 (April 19, 2014 at 7 p.m.)

“Johns Hopkins University shows that students who are at risk of dropping out can be identified as early as elementary school using three early warning indicators: poor attendance, disruptive behavior and course failure in math and English. A child who exhibits even one of these indicators as early as sixth grade has a 75% chance of dropping out.” (CityYear)

If you know a kid who is struggling with the school system and already talking about their disdain for their remaining years under the educational thumb take them to the City Year Spring Break 2014 (Sony Studios 10202 Washington Blvd. Culver City (213) 596-5875). This is a non-profit family fun filled gala extravaganza that focuses on keeping kids in school by promoting “mentorship, after-school programs and in-class tutoring.” It includes food, interactive games and live music with even a few celebrity sightings. Purchase tickets in advance and get them involved to keep them involved.

Kicks and Giggles

If you just want to get their (and your) blood flowing here are a handful of kicks and giggles to simply form a smile on their face.

Ultrazone Laser Tag (14622 Ventura Blvd., Suite 208 Sherman Oaks (818) 789-6620)

Mountasia Family Fun Center 21516 Golden Triangle Road Santa Clarita, (661) 253-4386)

MB2 Raceway 13943 Balboa Blvd. Sylmar, (818) 364-8000


Lock away your electronics and get out there with these family things to do in L.A. It’s a great way to connect in real time before life gets in the way of being a kid.